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Group Payments
Group Engagements

Grupr is all about group payments and everything fun. India's first and only digital payments app for instant group payments at any online or offline point of sale across India


Eat Together


Travel Together


Fun Together


Shop Together


Play Together


We Love Catching up and Hanging out with Family & Friends

So when you hangout, Grupr makes paying and splitting of all group spends as simple as clicking a snap!!

Simply  "Scan & Pay" at offline PoS or "Copy & Paste" Grupr virtual card no. to make any online payment using Grupr app.

Be it your
favorite restaurants, movie bookings, super stores shopping, or evening dine out, or while planning a trip ...



Bachelor Party Tailgate

Bachelor Party Tailgate

Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags

On the Treadmill

On the Treadmill

Theater Nachos

Theater Nachos

Young Women with Shopping Bags

Young Women with Shopping Bags

Cricket Game

Cricket Game

Food Pick Up

Food Pick Up

It's all New Way

A New Way for Group Payments

An exciting way to plan and spend in group, with simple expense tracking and faster settlement between friends

A New Way to  Pool Money

Instant fund collection and to make spending together simple and transparent

A New Way To Get Social

Unique engagement features to catch up with your friends and family. And yes we do not store or share your data.. so whatsap..?


A New Way For
Home Commerce

Worlds quickest and easiest hyper-local selling platform for home sellers (No commissions)


Where Family, Friends and Spends bond 

Group 4469
Group 4466
Group 4468
Group 4467
Group 4465

Group Payments Redefined

Presenting "Tap & Pay" Grupr Card and UPI 2.0 framework driven "Scan and Pay" Grupr UPI for instant offline and online payments across any point of sale. Gamified for a seamless split to settlement experience, Group Payments are now fun and as simple as clicking a snap!


Grupr card is pre-linked with each group via a wallet for instant fund collection and to make spending together instant, simple and transparent

Grupr Card works with any group. Simply select the group and Tap or Scan the QR code at checkout

You are in control by having the flexibility to set spend caps, decide who can invite others or trigger splits

Group Payments Truly Simplified

Open grupr

at PoS and Tap on "Pay" icon to initiate payment process


Scan & pay

Enter amount and select payment method. Click on Pay to complete payment

Split & settle

With Insta feature, "Game of Splits" triggers in requesting all contributors to pay their share  instantly

get rewarded

Earn badges  and rewards basis how soon members pay their share within "10 mins to settle" cycle

Make Friends with Grupr

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Safe & Secure

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Simple & Fast

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Fun & Free

Officially Recognised by

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Incubation Partner

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